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Coming Up.

June 13th Axe throwing Aintree

June 14th Grading for all Gups (Junior belts up to Blue belt) All seniors need to have all their paperwork in on this date for their grading in July too please.

23rd June Fir Tree farm walk.

13th July 2024 Master Lee will be coming to Altrincham to take Senior group grading. 

Any students, no matter what gup/belt you are, who has not yet graded at this point, and is now ready to grade, has the opportunity to grade under Master Lee, if they wish to to do so. 

Remember to be ready to grade, you must be both competent at what you need for your grading and on past curriculum, where applicable, and show respect in your training, follow the five basic principles of Tang Soo Do. 

Work hard, be respectful and make the grade

Cathedral Cove walk will be rescheduled during August school holidays.

Seminar for red belts and above, this is compulsory for anyone planning on going for Dan grading within the year, will be held at Watford Leisure centre on the 14th September 2023; 10 am start. Full day of training must be completed, otherwise you will not be eligible to grade.




May 2023 regional championships.

This was held in Watford. The northwest did well with our small team.

Isla (Altricham) 2 Golds
George 2 Golds
Eryk Silver
Louise Bronze and Silver
Georgia 2 Bronze
Miss Chamberlain Bronze and Silver


may23 champ.jpg

Well done to everyone who graded on the 8th March you all worked so hard to achieve your goals. Remember to practice all your forms and syllabus, not just the aspect for grading. In Karate, as in life, you need strong foundations to be able to succeed.

ninjas 1_edited.png

A Fantastic Job of grading by our Ninjas on the 22nd March. Some outstanding personal growth within the group.

This age group are developing all the skills they need for life and to advance into the next class. So Proud of each and everyone of them. 

Keep up the amazing work!

beacon wal2 .jpg

With beautiful countryside right on our door step why not take a group walk up at the Beacon, where the children enjoyed an Ice cream at the café and a game of hide and seek around the Gruffalo. Excellent group building session and the boys even found a massive stick they wanted to bring back. but as it took four to carry it they thought twice :)

Massive well done to everyone who took part in the Championships. Some major break throughs in confidence and pushing past our comfort zones.

You never know what you can achieve unless you try.

Super proud of you all!!!

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