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What to expect.

Classes vary in routine. Usually, classes start with a warmup and basic kicking and punching techniques.

Next, the instructor may choose to focus on Hyung (forms), Ill Soo Sik (1 step sparring), Sam Soo Sik (3 Step Sparring) or Ho Shin Sul (self-defense). 

At your first class, many activities will be new to you, do not worry, just try your best and our qualified instructors will support you to understand the language and develop techniques. We were all new once and understand that you may feel self-conscious at first. Just try to relax and enjoy the experience.

Our students are very supportive and we are all here to help each other learn, in a respectful manner.


So the most important thing for you to do is: Try your best and stay focused - YOU CAN DO IT!


What to wear for your free trial.

Loose-fitting top and pants, that you can move freely in, will do. Please ensure that your pants are not too long to avoid slipping on the hem. No shoes or socks required. Also remember bring a drink with you, especially for the little Ninja Classes.

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