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Welcome to the home of Skelmersdale Tang Soo Do.

We currently train at the following centres:


The Ecumenical Centre WN8 6LU and Woodlands Primary School WN8 6QH.

Little Ninjas

Fridays:  5:30pm - 6:15pm @ The Ecumenical Centre in the main hall, for children age 3 to 6 years.

Family classes are held on

Wednesdays @ the Ecumenical centre 6pm mixed age and ability class

Thursday evenings @ Woodlands Primary School, Birch Green. Ages 6+

5:30pm  New starts, white and Orange belts. 

6:30pm Adults 16+ and Senior Belts focusing towards Blue, Red and Dan.

Fridays: Students aged 6+ @ Ecumenical Centre 6:30pm White and Orange belts

7:30pm Orange tags and above.

Adults and seniors Wednesdays @ Ecumenical Centre 7pm

Saturday classes at the ecumenical centre 6:30 to 7: 30 pm 

Age is open from 3 years +, no upper age limit.  Family groups and individuals welcome.


Why not come and see for yourself, you never know how far this journey could take you!


 Book your free trial today!




Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean Martial Art, which is ideal for the whole family. With links to Soo Bahk Do and Taekwondo.


The practice of Tang Soo Do dates back thousands of years. 


Tang Soo Do translates as ( Tang - comes from the dynasty, Soo - hand and Do - meaning way. Roughly translated to open hand fighting or defence). It is a defensive style of Korean martial arts, ideal for those wanting to learn how to defend themselves, keep fit, build confidence, reduce stress and to making lasting friendships.


Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan is a world wide organisation, which provides students with opportunities to make new friends, develop skills useful for employment and train with people from around the world. We are proud to be a part of the UK Tang Soo Do federation, find out more on our official website - 

Founded by Grandmaster Kang Uk Lee

GM Kwan Uk Lee_edited.jpg

A Master is a white belt who never quit.

Korean martial arts
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